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CHROMA HR IMAGERY 07th Annual Conference   - People Science Erudition


‘If the HR function doesn't modernize its functional approach, it will rapidly become irrelevant’ – said by well-known person, our own INNERVOICE

The 20thcentury believed in science but the 21stcentury believes in ‘digital literacy’.  90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years.

YEAR 2020, we peer into our crystal ball and predict what the coming years might look like in the HR universe. That’s why this is the right time to attend “People Science Erudition”CHROMA HR IMAGERY on 21st March 2020 @ ITC Grand Chola, Chennai

People Science means applying data-driven approaches to improve workforce visibility.It’s about understanding people and generating more actionable insights about your workforce.


HR department is responsible for organization’s biggest asset: its people. That’s what People Science is all about. People Science is more than just people analytics & evidence-based decisions!

Session 1:Inaugural: Human & Science 

Session 2: ‘Alphabet Soup’ - Understand the tech        

Session 3: THE VIEW 5 years later - HR Avant-garde11

Session 4: Standup comedy- ‘As you like it’ 

Session 5: Theory to Prove: E MC ∞ (E- Employee; M- Machine)

Session 6: T 20 Battle - AI is blazing a trail in HR



Chennai, Tamilnadu